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What we do

With more than 25 years in Cyber Security, We know our stuff.


Purple Systems specilised knowledge of the current tactics used by attackers allows our security experts to evaluate whether they are currently operating undetected in your network or whether they have been there in the past.

Covert Cyber (Red Team)

Sometimes an organisation needs to investigate a potential security issue. It may be because the regulations or law require it. We can do this in a covert manner if required and using techniques from our digital forensics experience, we can bring together evidence for you to act upon.

Security Consultancy

Purple Systems not only offer Security Design services which assists organisations in establishing and improving their incident response team capabilities, but we also provide bespoke consultancy packages to work with your business and implement complete solutions.

Digital Forensics

If you find your systems have been breached, we can assist you in securing the network and systems to enable you to understand how the breach happened, but also to allow you to collect valuable evidence to help track the attackers.

Secure Infrastructure

Designing secure infrastructure starts from the ground up. Purple Systems have experience gained in everything from small, niche start-ups through to large global financial institutions.

Tactical Cyber

We can work with your existing Cyber teams to show attack vectors on you or your organisation, which are outside the norm. You may have a process but we can breach it.

Intelligence Gathering

Purple Systems can provide services which allow you to obtain a full understanding of an individual, organisation or situation where you may need to perform Due Diligence.

Physical & Cyber Hybrid

We can help where you need to obtain physical security but fuse cyber security into the task.

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Who we are

Cyber Security Experts with over 25 years in the industry.
Cyber Security from the Hackers view

Virtually all Cyber Security companies work from you the client outwards. We do the opposite. We use the Hackers mindset of targeting you and working out how to get in. Whether it’s physical security, cyber security or digital risk management, our goal remains the same: to identify vulnerabilities, eliminate risks and ensure that your organisation flourishes. You’ll find working with us to be a refreshing change. Our down-to-earth, highly-experienced team offer you a level of service and expertise you won’t find elsewhere - guaranteed!

  • We complete every project with speed, agility and a clear return on investment. We don't just deliver value, we prove it.

  • Our experts​ have held C-level and senior roles in global organisations. We understand their business needs and the challenging sectors they work in.

  • Our flexible pricing model allows us to tailor projects to our clients' specific needs. We will always find the right balance between quality, cost and risk.

  • Our extensive network of Specialists & partners means we can scale up and down quickly. We can put the right people on the job to deliver the best solutions.

Security Consultancy from the Attackers view

We look at your organisation from the attackers point view. Most companies apply standard business techniques to manage cyber security. This doesn’t work. We look at your organisation and work out how to attack it. Armed with this knowledge, a real, solid defence can be implemented.

Real Experts with Real Experience

Effective cyber security is not only about implementing a technical solution – its also about changing the way your business functions. Our experts work seamlessly with you, to ensure cyber security is applied as a cultural as well as technical change.

On-going cyber defence and protection

Cyber security is not just implemented then left to run. It needs to be continually monitored and tuned over time as both your business and the attackers change. We can provide day-to-day services for that or help you implement your own team to then provide this protection.

Implemented a secure system to control users access and monitor their usage of their internal systems.
Secured the entire organisation where a previous security supplier had left them open.

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